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Claremont Sunrise Rotary Club


 picture of CSR president Mike O'Brien

To my fellow Claremont Sunrise Rotarians:


The last time I served as your president, it was 2009–10. We were a vibrant, active, fun loving group dedicated to service to our local and international communities.


Now, five years later, we are a more vibrant, more active and more fun-loving group, and even more dedicated. Some of the faces have changed, but our goal remains the same: to serve those in need through hard work and community leadership.


So let's take that first step together today as we begin the new rotary year. Our thanks to Chuck Freitas for the excellent year just completed, and here's to 2014–15!


   Mike O'Brien-President 


  Rotary Theme 2014- 2015: 


Gary C.K. Huang- President, Rotary International
Larry Skaggs- District Governor, District 5300





June 2CSR President Chuck and his wife at debunking5th Claremont Sunrise Rotarians hosted our traditional de-bunking.


Pictured is 2013-2014 President Chuck Freitas and his wife Devon.


Chuck Freitas

Sunrise Rotary is a real treasure.

Its worth is very hard to measure.


Chuck Freitas has led us this year.

His friendship and love is without peer.


A Claremont man of high repute;

Our club benefitted, without dispute.


Perhaps you received one of "Chuck's Bucks".

It was an honor and symbol of good luck.


Chuck has retired several times in his career.

We are fortunate that he and Devon will still be near!


        Poem by CSR Arnie Thompson 06.25.14


Message from our CSR President Chuck


The Claremont Sunrise Rotary 2013-2014 year has been successful in many ways!  This year has built upon the stunning successes of the past several years and the commitment of members to participate in working the activities.


I would certainly highlight two significant accomplishments of our club:


A.) The Turkey Trot: This year for the first time, we reached a high point in both participation and fundraising.  It is certainly a credit to a club of this size and also to our community participation.  CSR funds many of our sports scholarships, as well as other charities, from the proceeds from this event.


B.) The Committee Process: The goal was to get every Rotarian on at least one committee.  Although we did not quite reach this goal, I know if this remains a high priority, a strong club will only get stronger!  I thank those of you who embraced the change and worked through the committee process!


Please join me in full support of our next president, Mike O’Brien, who I know will lead us in the positive direction this club has enjoyed during the past number of years.


Thank you for your commitment to Rotary!





RI President Gary C.K. Huang is urging club members to Light Up Rotary by hosting a Rotary Day in their community, continuing our fight against polio, and increasing club membership. "Light Up Rotary is more than our theme. It is how we make a difference — every day, in every club, and every country we serve."?



Claremont Sunrise Rotary



RI Theme 2014-15                                                 


















Proud sponsors of the

Shelton Park Stage

Shelton Park Stage




Claremont Sunrise Rotary Club Nov. 2012



Rise Up!

Join In!


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