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April 2014 Events
April 2     Om Sweet OM-Stephanie Gasparo

Stephanie GasparoStephanie Gasparo is the owner of Om Sweet Om Pilates & Yoga Studio.


Stephanie has been teaching pilates and yoga since 2000. She is Stott certified in mat pilates, reformer, cadillac, stability chairs and barrels. Stephanie’s training puts emphasis on optimal musculoskeletel performance in strength, flexibility and endurance, without risking injury or building bulk.

She has over 350 hours of yoga training and is certified through Yogafit. She is currently completing 500 hours of yoga training. Stephanie is trained in Reiki and enjoys the healthful benefits of energy healing. She has taught many strength training modalities but has found pilates and yoga to be superior for strength training, injury prevention, injury recovery and flexibility. Before she discovered her true passion for teaching the essence and principles of movement, Stephanie received her Bachelors Degree in law/paralegal studies.

  8:00 AM8:30 AM
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April 9     Tym Flory, DC-NUCCA at Atlas Spinal Care

Tym Flory, DCDr. Tymothy L. Flory, D.C. is the founder and director of Atlas Spinal Care, the only NUCCA specialty office within 20 miles.

He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. Before opening Atlas Spinal Care, Dr. Flory practiced NUCCA in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Flory is has fully Board Certification from the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, and has served on the Board of Directors for the national organization.

“I was a patient long before I was a doctor. In junior high school, I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. I had no emergent conditions threatening my life, but as a result my life changed dramatically.

“I began to have headaches just a few months after the accident, though neither I, nor my parents, attributed them to being hit. The headaches progressively got worse over the years. I tried general Chiropractic, medication, rest, etc., but nothing was solving the problem and the pain continued to intensify and be more frequent.”

“I was always a hard worker and a good student, so when the headaches became so bad that I began missing classes in college, I knew something had to be done. I decided I wasn’t going to live the rest of my life in a dark room hoping the pain would go away.”

“I heard about a doctor 6 hours away that did this really gentle procedure called NUCCA and that it helped with migraine headaches. No one knew about it, but I had to try something that I hadn’t already done. I went to see the NUCCA doctor, and he explained that because of a small misalignment to the top bone in my neck (the Atlas) I had pressure to my brainstem. He said the accident had allowed my Atlas to become misaligned and that he knew he could help.”

“Well, it helped! And because NUCCA helped me so much, I have devoted myself to taking care of others in the same way I was cared for. Won’t you let me try to help you?”

  8:00 AM8:30 AM
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April 16     Bill Relf, Author

author Bill Relf Bill Relf challenges his readers with stories interlaced with intrigue and inspiration. His roots are in the coal mines and steel mills of Western Pennsylvania and the arts of Chautauqua, New York. His early education was more through the novels he read, than the schools he had the misfortune to attend. With his writings he explores the rich interplay of business, politics, culture, and religion on the global stage.

Bill Relf’s life was shaped by novels. When he was twelve years old, his mother told him that he had a responsibility to bring money into the house. Thus, he began a business of lawn care, house painting, and snow shoveling. He drew inspiration from novels about a boy starting a business with a small bulldozer retrieved from a pond, about a berry stand that grew to an amusement park, and many others, while he grew his business until age twenty. From these roots he earned a Master of Business Administration and founded six manufacturing and consulting businesses.

His technical and business consulting companies had contracts in fuel cell and solar energy analysis and development. He created business plans for small companies and for the research department of a large corporate utility.

From political and spy novels he learned about geopolitics. He studied economic and political geography. He managed a Congressional campaign. He earned a BA in economics and a PhD in International Relations, which led into the history of nations, how they develop and why they wage wars. He gave a business seminar in Iran. When China opened up in the early 1980’s, he was in China seeking business opportunities. Through his business travels he observed the modernization of China and Southeast Asia. He analyzed the industrial capabilities of Zimbabwe, Africa, before its catastrophic decline. When the Soviet Union collapsed, he pursued the unlikely task of selling a Soviet battleship to an Asian government.

As a university professor he taught strategy, international management, and entrepreneurship. He taught at California State University, the Peter Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Researching for a novel, he travelled through the jungles of Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma, and rode a tramp steamer through the Malacca Straits to Brunei.

Using his diverse experiences, he creates stories and characters for his reader that entertain and challenge one’s thinking, and provide just a little bit of learning.

  8:00 AM8:30 AM
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April 23     Riki Meclak, VP Health Care Services, MSAG

Green House, MSAGRiki Meclak, VP of Health Care Services at MSAG will present the varied and excellent health care that is available at the Gardens.  See the completed Green House residence above.

  8:00 AM8:30 AM
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