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A Message from the Club President
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To my fellow Claremont Sunrise Rotarians:


The last time I served as your president, it was 2009–10. We were a vibrant, active, fun loving group dedicated to service to our local and international communities.


Now, five years later, we are a more vibrant, more active and more fun-loving group, and even more dedicated. Some of the faces have changed, but our goal remains the same: to serve those in need through hard work and community leadership.


 So let's take that first step together today as we begin the new rotary year. Our thanks to Chuck Freitas for the excellent year just completed, and here's to 2014–15!

Mike O'Brien

   Mike O'Brien-President 


Gary C.K. Huang- President, Rotary International
Larry Skaggs- District Governor, District 5300

(see Larry's District Project Hope)




June 2CSR President Chuck and his wife at debunking5th Claremont Sunrise Rotarians hosted our traditional de-bunking.


Pictured is 2013-2014 President Chuck Freitas and his wife Devon.


Chuck Freitas

Sunrise Rotary is a real treasure.

Its worth is very hard to measure.


Chuck Freitas has led us this year.

His friendship and love is without peer.


A Claremont man of high repute;

Our club benefitted, without dispute.


Perhaps you received one of "Chuck's Bucks".

It was an honor and symbol of good luck.


Chuck has retired several times in his career.

We are fortunate that he and Devon will still be near!


        Poem by CSR Arnie Thompson 06.25.14


Message from our CSR President Chuck


The Claremont Sunrise Rotary 2013-2014 year has been successful in many ways!  This year has built upon the stunning successes of the past several years and the commitment of members to participate in working the activities.


I would certainly highlight two significant accomplishments of our club:


A.) The Turkey Trot: This year for the first time, we reached a high point in both participation and fundraising.  It is certainly a credit to a club of this size and also to our community participation.  CSR funds many of our sports scholarships, as well as other charities, from the proceeds from this event.


B.) The Committee Process: The goal was to get every Rotarian on at least one committee.  Although we did not quite reach this goal, I know if this remains a high priority, a strong club will only get stronger!  I thank those of you who embraced the change and worked through the committee process!


Please join me in full support of our next president, Mike O’Brien, who I know will lead us in the positive direction this club has enjoyed during the past number of years.


Thank you for your commitment to Rotary!




Chuck FreitasAs President of the Claremont Sunrise Rotary Club, I introduce you to the club website and offer you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic service club. We, as members of Claremont Sunrise Rotary, have great fellowship and many opportunities to participate in many charitable endeavors, especially those that benefit young people.


We are known in District 5300 and the community as the “fun” club as we plan many activities throughout the year, in addition to our interesting and delicious weekly breakfast meetings. We enjoy events such as informal get-togethers and planned destination excursions to local and not-so-local interesting spots. Our charities are our main focus and the fun and fellowship are planned around our giving to a better world.


One of our main events is the Turkey Trot, a 5K run on Thanksgiving morning through downtown Claremont which funds thousands of dollars for athletic scholarships in the community.


We strongly support academic endeavors among our community young people, providing counselors and financial support for leadership camp programs for junior high and high school students, as well as awarding scholarship money for our high school students moving on to college experiences.


Other events sponsored by our club are:

  • The Relay for Life, in support of Breast Cancer Research
  • Village Venture Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Hang Out With The Hops, a dinner and social at a local brewery
  • City of Claremont Fourth of July Celebration activities for kids


Claremont Sunrise Rotary is a club within Rotary International and, as such, we contribute to the global issues of ending polio worldwide, Ambassador Scholarships, and clean water in underdeveloped countries.


This is a snapshot of Claremont Sunrise Rotary and we, who enjoy our participation in the club, hope we’ve piqued your interest. Please join us for breakfast in the near future!


Chuck Freitas, President



 Doug Thompson


Doug's Final President's Message--June 2013


To the Claremont Sunrise Rotarians,


This is a letter I truly never thought I would have to write.   Since 1996 when I was first introduced to Rotary I would have never thought it would be something I would want to be involved with.  I was basically a commuter to Orange County with a new child and decided to start a business and live closer to home.  One of the best pieces of advice was from my insurance agent who told me I should try to get involved in a local service club.  I did, but not his.  I saw an ad for a golf tournament of which Cliff Henry was the contact person.  I signed up and played as a total stranger with Darrell McGee (former Captain in the Claremont PD, Will Dale’s wife Debbie, and Dr. Bette Robin (David Seccombe bought her practice).   I had a great time and saw people who I had known but never associated with Rotary.   At the party afterwards (at Tim Brayton’s house) my friend Steve Norin asked if I’d like to join.   I thought about it and said yes. 


I had always been a person committed to participating.  I never missed a day at school and went years without missing practice. To me, the simplest form of commitment is to show up.  That is what makes Rotary great.   If you show up and you raise your hand when that call comes, your life will change.    The people you are sitting next to have all made the same first step to show up (early in the morning) to come to a group that many might think is totally antiquated and boring.  What CSR has done is turn that on its head.


We have fun, but what’s important is we can and should make a difference.  What I am proudest of are the friends I’ve made and the memories I have.   Kate once told me after one of our marathon Turkey Trot meetings that she noticed something. It was that my Rotary friends were really looking out for me on a particular issue.  That love is hard to find, but I know I have it with many of you.  


I lost a very dear friend of mine last year to cancer that was my mentor for nearly 15 years.   He was a star in the sports world, but he used to pull me aside and drill into me that being a great a husband, a great father, and a great friend is what truly counts, not just being a great player.  He was all of that to me.  Where “Service Above Self“  is our Rotary motto and the Four Way Test is a great way to live our lives, what my friend said is the key to a happy life:


“Do all the good you can.


By all the means that you can.


In the ways that you can.


In all the places you can.


At all the times that you can.


To all the people you can.


As long as ever you can.”



Back by popular demand! Doug Thompson is President for CSR 2012-13Best Wishes for a great year!





President's Message-- July 2012

Not many folks get a second chance, but I will as your President of Claremont Sunrise Rotary.  

What is absolutely amazing is how much this club has changed and grown in the ten years since my last tenure.   At that time, our annual budget was around $8,000.  Now it is $60,000.  Our big fundraiser was a golf tournament (eventually named the Cliff Henry Memorial) that netted us around $5,000 to $6,000 in a given year.  Now with "Hangout at the Hangar" and our 5K Turkey Trot we have a net closer to $25,000 to donate back to our community.  

More importantly, Claremont Sunrise Rotary has a new energy and new life.  We have something very special that makes our club very unique and fun.  I plan to tap into that energy.  When a member sees an individual opportunity to better serve our community I want them to do it.  We continue to grow the community buzz about CSR, and Rotary in general, in our town.  It is always encouraging when folks say "Are you in that Rotary Club that helps the kids?".  With our Claremont Youth Sports Scholarships (CYSS) entering its 4th year we have now helped over 700 kids afford to play in local sports.  That is truly amazing when you think about!   When we started, the total amount provided from all sources to "financial hardship" for all the sports teams in town was $2,500.  That was divided among 13 sports organizations.  After 3 years we have provided over $30,000.  That goes to organizations or individuals and we have really changed lives along the way.

Another source of pride that we CSR members have are the items in town that bear our logo.  The Village Clock at 2nd St. & Yale Ave., above The Diamond Center; the park bench on Indian Hill at Harrison; and the Shade Shelter on the Wilderness Trail.   These are some of the great works that are permanent reminders of ‘Service above Self'.  

My favorite line speaks to this:  "It's about doing good, not just feeling good'.

Thank you Rotary for the vehicle to do good; and thank you CSR for giving me another opportunity to lead our club in this endeavor.

Doug Thompson


Kari AndersonPresident Kari Anderson's Message 


President's Farewell Address

In his classic book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Maxwell contends that succession is one of the key responsibilities of leadership. Calling it the Law of Legacy, he says that a leader's lasting value is measured by succession.

Today we usher in the rites of succession for the new Club Presidency.  After 52 weeks (give or take a couple missed for getting married and giving Polio vaccinations in India), we now come to witness an important event in the exercise of the leadership role in Rotary; the annual turnover.

I am privileged to preside over these turnover ceremonies as part of the continuing history and tradition of our Club. Performing this last official act as Club President gives me a feeling of excitement, not because this means I can sit at any table during our fellowship, but because this allows me to look back and objectively assess what Claremont Sunrise Rotary accomplished this year. 

In keeping with the 2011 - 2012 rotary theme:  Reach Within to Embrace Humanity, our Club's contribution to Paul Harris Fellowships exceeded our club goal.  We had 100% participation in Turkey Trot, enabling our yearlong giving of funds to local youth sports programs.  CSR brought in the largest amount of money for Relay for Life, and we hosted our first Halo Trust dinner / fundraiser.  Our members went to Cambodia to see the actual land mine removal process, and our members gave polio vaccinations in India.   In addition, Rotary International exceeded our pledged donation to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation matching grant program for Polio Plus. 

A year ago, I said that I'd hope to be able to add my piece of stone to the edifice that we are collectively building, and to which the Past Presidents before me have contributed during their time. A year hence, I step down secure in the reflection that I did my part in sustaining the Club's goals of being recognized at the District Level, getting acknowledgment in the Claremont Courier, and fostering an environment where members enjoy coming to breakfast and continuing to do business with one another. 

As I formally pass on the mantle of leadership to our new President, allow me to mention some moments that I will never forget:

We impressed our District Governor, Doug Fowler during his club visit; in September our treasurer was nice enough to cover a meeting for me while I was readying to marry my best friend; Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without Turkey Trot -rain or shine and the sun was shining just in time for our run; the ever so jovial Santa Claus and members bringing their families; being afforded the once in a lifetime opportunity to give polio vaccinations and build a dam in India; TLC and RYLA; contestant Haresh Rhambatla, of Claremont High School, our club's 4 Way Test Speech Contest Winner, who went on to win at Group 8 and the Regionals; the loss of member Will Dale, he will be remembered fondly with a club donation to LeRoy Hanes Home towards the computer/science lab; members going to this year's Rotary International convention in Bangkok, Thailand and Cambodia; the induction of new members; our invocations; Sergeants' ever-so-interesting fines; and our 5th Wednesdays were always fun events.  Claremont Sunrise Rotarians, your significant contributions to the Club, making it alive and more vibrant; for sharing your resources, for sharing yourself at the Club functions and activities; for sharing your time by leading the chairmanships of our club projects.

I know I succeeded in my leadership only because you were there with me all the way to see me through.  As a daughter of a departed Rotarian, joining Rotary was honor enough for me, but serving this Club as President was a distinct privilege. I am proud I was given this singular opportunity.  Albert Einstein said, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."  Having the honor to serve as your president was a miracle for me.  Thank you.

I now pass on the torch of Club leadership to our new President.  Let's continue to help build a better place for our fellow men. Let's continue to make friends and establish goodwill. Let's continue to make dreams real, as our Rotary theme this year says it, "Peace through Service."

I hope Doug Thompson, our past and now, current President enjoys the experience of being president as much as I have.   Let's give President Doug Thompson all the support and commitment that you afforded me.  He deserves no less!  Thank you.


Kari Anderson  -  6/20/2012



Kari Anderson

Fresh from 2012 District Conference in Lake Arrowhead, Kari reported that Claremont Sunrise was doubly awarded. Our work on Literacy with Chuck Freitas' leadership, and our activities with HALO (thanks Lisa Hahn and the International Committee) and our successful Turkey Trot fund-raiser (thanks Doug Thompson, Chuck Freitas, and John Goss, and all committee members) were honored.


The city of New Orleans hosting Rotary International's (RI) 2011 Convention afforded me the experience of seeing over 18,000 Rotarians assembled with one common focus, "Service Above Self" and showcased being a part of the world's largest non-profit, non-denominational service organization.  I'll always think fondly of sharing a table with two past District Governors from Chicago and Northern California at Chef Emeril Lagasse's NOLA Restaurant, both gentlemen I'd never met before and yet somehow they felt like old friends.

During our weekly meetings (7am each Wednesday; 830 West Bonita Ave.; Claremont, CA  91711) with my fellow Rotarians, I know the people with whom I share breakfast and camaraderie can be relied upon for my next business transaction, a question about the city or to get a recommendation for a reputable establishment to buy my fiancé his wedding gift.  It is an exhilarating start of the day that lingers the entire week through.  We contribute to our local community as well as the world at large and have fun in doing so.  Some of our ongoing service projects include:

- Our signature ‘Turkey Trot' Fundraiser, a 5k run through downtown Claremont held on Thanksgiving morning which provides sports scholarships to Claremont's children,

- The 1st Annual St. Patrick's Day Fundraiser to be hosted by Dale Bros. Brewery in 2012,

- Contributing to the worldwide eradication of Polio by helping vaccinations reach children in the farthest corners of the world,

- Sponsoring youth for the Teen Leadership Camp (TLC) & Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA),

- Collaborating with other local Rotary clubs to build homes in Corazon, Mexico and ensure they have safe, sustainable drinking water.  A side-effect of this event (and others) where we partner with other local Rotarians allows us to broaden both our social and professional networks,

- 2010's dedication and ongoing maintenance of the downtown Claremont Rotary Clock at the corner of Yale Ave. and 2nd St. above The Diamond Center,

- Volunteering at the 4th of July Festival at Claremont's Memorial Park,

- Donating both money and time to support Claremont's Relay for Life 24-Hour Cancer Walk, representing the fight against cancer never sleeps,

The preceding is a partial list of what we have done and can do together as Claremont Sunrise Rotary.  I am truly looking forward to this year both as the newest president and as a proud Rotarian.  To be able to do all this with people of the highest ethical standards who are leading professionals in their chosen field and while having fun doing it, there has never been a time to be more proud to say we are Rotarians. 

Thank you and we're all looking forward to a magnificent year.


Kari Anderson

Spring, 2011

Midyear Update

I can't believe how fast my year is going.  It must be due in large part to the great spirit of the club and, of course, the enthusiasm of all the new members!  I love that on some Wednesday mornings we have to set up additional tables to handle everyone.  Imagine my pride when I was contacted by the District as one of the fasting growing clubs in the area.

I want to reiterate that I know that the club "works" only because of the ongoing commitment of our members who support the various projects and activities we are involved in.  I want to say "Thank You" to everyone who supports our club and makes us look good.  I am really proud to be part of the Claremont Sunrise Rotary family.---Garry Schneider, Pres.


 Fall, 2010

Dear Fellow Claremont Sunrise Rotarians,

Thank you for the privilege of being your 25th President.  Mike O'Brien left some big shoes to fill but I am committed to building on his accomplishments.  As I indicated at my 1st meeting, my wife and I were overwhelmed by the RI Convention in Montréal.  If anyone ever thought for a moment we were just another service club that feeling is extinguished after walking through the Friendship Hall and listening to the presentations at the plenary sessions.  As we think about all that we do from our sports scholarship program to our ongoing support of the Corazon Super Build program plus so much more, it is clear we absolutely epitomize the 2010-2011 theme of Building Communities, Bridging Continents.

Since the President's role should be that of "servant leader," I encourage anyone who has ideas or suggestions to build on our strengths to talk to me.  The year will fly by and it is important that the club I pass on to president elect Kari Anderson will have the same sustained momentum that I felt taking over from past president Mike O'Brien.

Thank you. 










Wed., Feb. 10, 2010                                                                    Mike O'Brien-Pres. 2009-2010


Dear Fellow Sunrisers:


As I write this first President's Message for 2010, some random thoughts enter my mind.  Like today's date sounds like a local freeway (the 210)...that too much chips and dip at Doug Thompson's SuperBowl party will make your wedding ring on your finger very tight for at least a couple of days...and that when people ask me, as they did at a friend's party over the weekend, if Rotarians wear special hats or sing special songs, I'm very glad that we do neither.


Which brings me to another SuperBowl reference...if Rotary was to put one of those $10 billion 30 second commercials on during the game, its message would be simple..."We Deliver!"  Now that may have been used before by a certain large brown truck company, but really, that's what we do!  When people around the world find themselves in need of shelter and donations due to a disastrous earthquake, Rotary DELIVERS with tents and monetary assistance.  When kids in the community need help to pay for sport programs or cheerleading, Rotary DELIVERS with donations thanks to our Turkey Trot.  When those without a home in Mexico or those without drinking water in Africa need help, once again, Rotary DELIVERS with Corazon homes and water filtration systems.


It is this which makes us unique as a service organization, because we don't just talk, we act, and WE DELIVER!  This should be something we tell others, whether it be potential new members or anyone interested in what we do.  Tell them about our projects, tell them about how polio is nearly a thing of the past, tell them about the great programs at our breakfast meetings, tell them about Turkey Trot and Hangout at the Hangar.


Show your pride in Rotary at every opportunity...because at Rotary..."WE DELIVER!!!!"


Very truly yours,
Mike F. O'Brien




A Message from the President...


Thanksgiving is a most unusual holiday.  Think about it...it's mid week on a Thursday, not a Monday or Friday like most NORMAL holidays are...the absolute WORST football teams are always on television (can you say DETROIT?)...and we give "thanks" by eating way more than our bellies can hold.


Then again, it's the BEST of all holidays.  We get to see and hang out with our loved ones, without having to buy them a gift...almost everyone takes Friday off, which kicks off the Christmas season, making it the perfect day for insane people to go shopping...and we get to eat way more than our bellies can hold!


But the absolute coolest thing about Thanksgiving is that the BEST way to give thanks...is to GIVE!  As Claremont Sunrise Rotarians, we've got this all figured out...put together a fun family event, combine it with great sport (running), serve food and drink, and to top it all off, raise a ton of money for GIVING.  We like to call it...THE SECOND ANNUAL TURKEY TROT!


As we Rotarians prepare for this spectacular day, let's commit to give it our BEST...work HARD to make the TURKEY TROT the best community service event it can be...spend LOTS of time with our families and loved ones...and of course, EAT till your buckle busts!  And may the worst football team win (it always does)!




Mike F.O'Brien



Claremont Sunrise Rotary


President's Message

Oct. 14, 2009

Fellow Sunrisers!
I don't know about you, but October has always been my favorite month of the year.  Leaves changing, cool breezy afternoons with massive white clouds giving way to cold nights with a skyfull of stars.  When you add to that the baseball playoffs and college football, October is a pretty tough act to follow...or precede!
And it just keeps getting better!  Last weekend's barbecue was well attended by our club, Claremont Noon and even the Kiwanis!  Though yours truly was forced to sit on a block of ice for 30 minutes, I'm happy to report there was no permanent damage, as apparently tequila acts as human antifreeze.  Money was raised for our respective clubs, ideas were exchanged for future club interaction, and a great time was had by all.  Thanks to Nick Hammit for leaving some tri-tip for the rest of us!
So lets take the energy and inspiration that October brings and use it to better our Club and Community.  Get out there and talk with buisnesses about sponsoring our Turkey Trot, talk to that friend of yours that you've been meaning to bring to a meeting, let's get him or her on board!  And if cash flow permits, dig deep for a first or another Paul Harris Fellow, or drop a few bucks in the Polio Pig...let's help our international community in getting rid of polio once and for all!
What more can I say....here's to October!!!

Mike F. O'Brien
CSR President




August 19 09

Good Morning Fellow Sunrisers!

What an EXCELLENT program that was last week, thanks to Alina Shaw for her presentation on her Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar year in Medellin, Columbia. Even though she busted me trying to leave with a couple extra hats, we at Sunrise are extremely proud of our young scholar.

So Tiger Woods loses on day 4 to Y.E. Yang...Michael Vick lands a job...just a few reminders to all of us Rotarians that anything is possible! So go out and ASK for those TurkeyTrot sponsorships...SELL Claremont Sunrise Rotary Memberships to a friend or colleague...and KEEP our highest in the region attendance climbing at our weekly meetings! Who knows...Clippers as NBA Champs? Ok back to earth...

Our Speaker Donations program appears to be a big hit, give me any feedback any of you might have on how to make it better, etc. oblaw@verizon.net .

Looking for some excitement at 7 am Friday morning the 21st of August? Tired of the same ol' cup o' coffee and newspaper? Well get your bum on over to my office for our monthly Board of Directors Meeting. Its pain free, counts as a makeup, the coffee is Starbuckean. Plus, you just might learn something about Rotary that you never knew, or cared to know. 212 Yale Avenue, be there!

Mike F. O'Brien
Claremont Sunrise Rotary President


July 15 09

Good Morning Sunrisers!

Nothing like the hot summer triple digit month of July in Claremont! On the bright side, at least we meet in the morning when it's cool...by the end of the day, all our crisp shirts and blouses will be adorned with armpit sweatrings...so enjoy the morning!

Memo to sergeants...look around the room this morning...anyone who is not here? We can assume they are on vacation. Which means they have money to burn, which means they need to be relieved of a bit more of that discretionary income next week.

Speaking of next week...actually two weeks from now but who's counting...our 5th Wednesday Event has been gamely put together by Cindy..thanks Cindy! 7:05 pm July 29th at Quakes Stadium, $12 per ticket with an optional $6 dinner box. Bring your family, friends, potential members, and Aunt Hazel. Talk to Cindy for more info.

Talk to someone about joining our club this week!

Mike F. O'Brien
2009-10 CSR Pres




Greetings Sunrisers,

A great way to kick off our new Rotary Year...our Club Assembly last week started us off with the introduction of our new Board of Directors, monthly chairs for riveting programs to keep us glued to our seats at our upcoming meetings, and Dan Kentner being fined mercilessly by Chuck Leeb.


To top things off, our Duck Race Booth was the highlight of Claremont's Fourth of July celebration!  That might be a bit overstated, but I'm the president and I'll say things like that if I want to.  Our booth was adorned with our new Rotary tent emblazoned with the wheel logo, a good chunk of change was pulled in (exact count still tbd), and most importantly the kids had a blast with their H2O assaults on the yellow rubber duckies.


Huge thanks go out to Al Jack for working the booth and bringing chairs to relax in (ala George in Seinfeld), to John Goss for supplying buckets of water, and to Debbie Lantz, Tim Tipping, Chuck Doskow, Mark Goor, Rich Phillips, Kari Anderson, Chuck Cable, Mike Wilcock, and Ken Rowland for manning and "womaning" the booth.


Kudos also to all of us at the Duck Race Booth for being the shameless and tireless salespeople that we are in talking about Rotary and handing out Rotary cards with breakfast invitations to parents of the kiddies inviting them to join Claremont Sunrise.  We unloaded about 50 cards, and we will all continue to push increasing and retaining our membership as a top goal over the next year.


By the way, I was just kidding last week about having Bloody Marys at one meeting a month...that is, unless...nah, forget it!  Here's to a great week ahead!


Mike F. O'Brien

2009-10 CSR Pres.




Greetings Rotarians,

It has been an honor serving as your president. This is my final message in that capacity. At the beginning of the year, I told you that my goal for the year was to have fun. I hope that you were not disappointed. The meetings were lively. The social events were a blast. My feelings that an engaged club with a high esprit de corps would result in successful fundraising and charitable giving played out as hoped. The Turkey Trot was our biggest shining success. A theme of lifting the lives of disadvantaged youth through sports sponsorships was well received. But it didn't stop there. We were able to fund our most-cherished international, community and vocational projects in keeping with the objectives of Rotary International. Hang Out at the Hangar added nicely to our budgeted commitments.

Your dedication as club members made it all happen. Everything that you did, big or small, contributed to our success. I want to thank you all for that. I want to especially thank my Board of Directors for helping me keep our business points in order.

There will be a final Board Meeting 7:15 am this Friday, June 19th at my house. Next week we will be dark Wednesday morning. My debunking will be that night. Be gentle.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary




Greetings Rotarians,

Claremont Sunrise Rotary Club was represented at the Claremont High School Speech and Debate
Team awards dinner Friday. Alan and Bev Jack accompanied Tressa and me to the event. We gave special recognition to Madeline Zhu for her outstanding performance in the 4-Way Test Speech Contest. Our commitment to lifting the lives of our youth is evident in our actions. My year as your president is coming to an end, but our support of youth programs must continue on. We are a small club and have not been able to participate in every District program designated for youth development. It is my vision that in addition to sponsorship of youth sports, TLC, RYLA, and the 4-Way Test Speech contest, that we include the George Hensel Ethics Essay Contest and the Dan Stover Music Contest to our list. Our future is in the hands of our youth and we must do everything we can to help them. From what I've seen so far, there are some very capable young hands in our schools. The pride and hope that they inspire should motivate us into action. Let's all get involved.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary




Greetings Rotarians,

The District Conference in Palm Desert was a huge success. Madeline Zhu gave her 4-Way Test speech on Friday. Although she did not win first place, she gave a first class performance. The golf tournament was fun and the course was beautiful. Next year, the conference will be held in Las Vegas. You can register early on the district website. I'm sure that Mike O'Brien would love the company and show of support from the membership.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary





Greetings Rotarians,


I represented Claremont Sunrise Rotary, in presenting a lavatera (tree mallow) plant for the Veteran's Memorial Ceremony in Oak Park Cemetery on Memorial Day. The event was organized by American Legion Post #78.  The event included the Navy Junior ROTC Color Guard from Lutheran High in La Verne, a bagpiper, remarks from our mayor and other distinguished veterans. It was truly a slice of Americana that the whole family could enjoy. What better way is there to honor those who lost their lives defending our country?


The District Conference in Palm Desert is this weekend. Madeline Zhu will be giving her 4-Way Test Speech on Friday, May 29th. There will be many other events over the weekend. If you are interested in participating, please visit the District 5300 website (http://district5300.org/) for more information.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary





Greetings Rotarians,

The Corazon Super Build transpired as hoped. Other than a few bruised thumbs and some sore muscles, no one suffered any injuries and there were no incidents. Swine flu and cartel violence were non-influential elements for the area where we were building. We built a school house and a room addition. We hauled down a large load of food and supplies for the Corazon warehouse, and we financed a house for another family. It was a ceremonious event with lots of smiles and warmed hearts. I encourage those who love to work the Corazon Build, but did not due to the flu and violence threats, to consider volunteering next year. You will be rewarded with fond memories and you will lift up the lives of others. Everyone wins.



The District Conference in Palm Desert is next weekend. Madeline Zhu will be giving her 4-Way Test speech on Friday, May 29th. There will be many other events over the weekend. If you are interested in participating, please visit the District 5300 website (http://district5300.org/) for more information.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary





Greetings Rotarians,

Congratulations to Madeline Zhu for winning the semi-finalist competition in the 4-Way Test Speech Contest. Her performance at the event, held at the Claremont Rotary "Noon Club" on Friday, was a shining example of the good in our youth and what significance that holds towards our future. Madeline is sponsored by our club, giving us one more success story. She will now move to the final competition held 7:00 pm Friday, May 29th at the District Conference in Palm Desert.


This weekend is Corazon Super Build. Wish us luck. Our biggest challenges will be to finish the houses in one day and beat the heat. We have been told that the threat of cartel violence and swine flu infection will be minimal for the area where we will be traveling. Those of us that are going will be required to exercise an elevated level of vigilance and will need the support of those staying behind. When all goes right, we deeply touch the lives of those we help. The lives of those who help will also be deeply touched. Please pray for another Claremont Sunrise Rotary success.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary


President's Message




Greetings Rotarians,

As anticipated, Hang Out at the Hangar was another success. It was fun and it made money for our many causes. Thank you to all who volunteered their time and energy to make it another fantastic Claremont Sunrise and Upland Rotary event.


We have a busy month ahead. Today we will hear a shop talk from our newest member, City Councilman Larry Schroeder. Next up we will hear from one of our local Ambassadorial Scholars. This month's Board of Directors meeting is May 15th at 7:15 am at my house. May 16th is the Corazon Super-Build. May 20th is shop talk time for Kari Anderson. Chuck Cable will give his shop talk on May 27th. Finally the District Conference will be from May 28th through the 31st.


I look forward to these upcoming events and I look forward to seeing you there.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary




Greetings Rotarians,

Our sponsor club held its 10th annual "Taste of Claremont" on Saturday. There were a number of Claremont Sunrise Rotarians present. We dined on samples from most of Claremont's best restaurants, tasted some good wines and were entertained by two live jazz bands. I haven't heard any of the preliminary numbers, but it appears that the event was a successful fundraiser for them.

Don't forget, our next meeting is "Hang-out at the Hangar" Friday May 1st at 5:00 pm. We will be dark Wednesday April 29, 2009. Make sure to pay for your tickets and invite guests (potential members!). This event is an important fundraiser that we put on to support our charitable projects. It's also our next stated meeting and a lot of fun.


This month's Board of Directors meeting has been moved to April 24th due to calendar conflicts. Current Board Members and incoming Board members for Mike's year are required to attend.  Next year's budget will be discussed. 


New general members should attend at least one board meeting to see how our club conducts business. Board meeting attendance also qualifies as a make-up. Respondez sil vous plait (RSVP).



Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary

President's Message




Greetings Rotarians,

Hopefully, all of you have finished your taxes by now. Today is the day. Some of us will celebrate with a tee time, some with a tea party, and others will go to their jobs in order to pay the taxes. The best way to start your day is with Claremont Sunrise Rotary. Paying your tax bill may not be fun, but we are.


Don't forget to invite guests to "Hang -out at the Hangar" Friday May 1st at 5:00 pm. As in the past, individual members are responsible for 5 tickets that they can either sell or use to sponsor guests. This event is an important fundraiser that we put on to support our charitable projects. It's also a lot of fun.


This month's Board of Directors meeting has been moved to April 24th due to calendar conflicts. New members should attend at least one board meeting to see how our club conducts business. Board meeting attendance also qualifies as a make-up.



Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary


President's Message




Greetings Rotarians,

District Assembly was a huge success, which bodes well for Claremont Sunrise Rotary's outlook for the next fiscal year. We had a strong showing of ten members present. District 5300 did a fine job of organizing training classes and putting on an assembly that included food and entertainment. Mike O'Brien is effectively showing all of us that we are in capable hands under his leadership.


This month's Board of Directors meeting has been moved to April 24th due to calendar conflicts. New members should attend at least one board meeting to see how our club conducts business. Board meeting attendance also qualifies as a make-up.


We are still in our membership drive. Please invite a guest. We need to grow our club back to its average membership of 45 Rotarians.


Program Chairs, please, do not invite program speakers that would be deemed offensive or partisan. Programs should be entertaining and informative. They should not be political grandstanding or a self-serving infomercial. If you aren't sure if the content of your program is appropriate, please discuss it with me or other club officers prior to scheduling it. We do not want to offend our guests and we certainly do not want to lose valued members.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary




Greetings Rotarians,

This is not an April fool's joke. We won the annual Claremont spelling bee again. Dave Seccombe, Patricia Dillon and Chuck Doskow took first place representing us, "The Phun Club". With the El Roble cheer leaders rooting us on, we did it again, thanks to our club's brainiest.  Congratulations!


Start thinking about who to invite to our "Hangout at the Hangar" event Friday May 1st. This is not just a fund raiser for Claremont Sunrise and Upland Rotary clubs, it's a fun party with good food and entertainment. It is also an opportunity to introduce people to Rotary. Details on the event are coming soon.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary



Greetings Rotarians,

Although the Ontario Reign lost to the Stockton Thunder, club members that attended last Wednesday night's game were treated to some skillful and exciting hockey. Rotary International was well represented while its Polio Plus program benefited handsomely. Congratulations to Evan Flagg and the New Generations Rotary Club for their successful efforts.


Last week's Board of Directors meeting was held as planned. The Board decided that instead of a Fireside Chat style club party on the fifth Wednesday in April, our party planning efforts will be concentrated on a May 1st "Hang out at the Hangar" event just two days later. We still plan to be dark April 29th. Mark your calendars. Also discussed and voted upon were several charities asking for our support, and issues regarding our badges. In addition, we talked about reviving our club's version of a red badge program for new members. Several agenda items were postponed to the next Board meeting on April 17th.


On a very positive note, letters of thanks and appreciation are pouring in from children and teachers benefiting from our generous grant to the Best Bet program. Our club is touching the lives and lifting the spirits of many within our community and around the world. We can all be proud of ourselves.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary


President's Message




Greetings Rotarians,

Tonight at 7:00 pm is Ontario Reign vs. Stockton Thunder hockey teams at the Citizens Business Bank Arena. This is a special multi-club Rotary event that will benefit Polio Plus. I have the 16 tickets for the people who raised their hands at our mid February meeting. Evan Flagg said that there will be additional tickets available at the door for those who want to attend but did not indicate so earlier. He also said that if anyone who could not buy a ticket but would like to volunteer for the 50/50 drawing during half time, he could use the help and would comp the volunteers their tickets. They would need to show up at 5:30 pm and let admissions know that they were there as volunteers for Evan Flagg. I will need to know before noon today for a head count of volunteers from our club.


There will be a Board of Directors meeting this Friday March 20th at my house. Attendance by non-board members is encouraged for those who wish to see how we conduct business and are possibly interested in seeking a board or chairmanship position. Attendance is also considered a makeup.  


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary

President's Message




Greetings Rotarians,

Thank you, Mike O'Brien, for standing in for me this week. Mike just returned from the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) and will share his vision of Claremont Sunrise Rotary for the upcoming fiscal year. Mike is getting organized in good fashion and will be a good president for the club.


The Claremont Sunrise Rotary Board of Directors had a productive meeting last Friday at my house. Many issues were discussed and resolved, such as Club financial status, Foundation status, Polio on Ice tickets, club venue, membership, Fireside Chats, Turkey Trot/Youth Scholarships, Reading by 9, and next year's officers. I encourage all members to attend a board meeting at least once to see how Club business is conducted and what we do as a part of Rotary International.


Lisa Hahn Smith has agreed to take over the Rotary Foundation chairmanship position, which will be great news for those who have generously contributed to the foundation but have not received recognition or know exactly where they stand toward their Paul Harris Fellowship. Lisa's energy and dedication to Rotary is a huge inspiration. Thank you.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary



Greetings Rotarians,

One of the most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics in the world is the Rotary "4-Way Test." It was created by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor in 1932 when he was asked to take charge of the Chicago based Club Aluminum Company, which was facing bankruptcy. Taylor looked for a way to save the struggling company mired in depression-caused financial difficulties.  He drew up a 24-word code of ethics for all employees to follow in their business and professional lives.  The 4-Way Test became the guide for sales, production, advertising and all relations with dealers and customers, and the survival of the company was credited to this simple philosophy.

Herb Taylor became president of Rotary International during 1954-55. The 4-Way Test was adopted by Rotary in 1943 and has been translated into more than 100 languages and published in thousands of ways.  The message should be known and followed by all Rotarians.

 "Of the things we think, say or do:

1.                   Is it the TRUTH?

2.                   Is it FAIR to all concerned?

3.                   Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

4.                   Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?"

The 4-Way Test Speech Contest is held annually at the club, group and regional levels, with finalists competing at the District Conference in May. The oratory skills displayed by these extraordinary youths are both amazing and inspirational. We are honored to have two contestants here today.


There will be a Board of Directors meeting this Friday February 27th at my house. Attendance by non-board members is encouraged for those who wish to see how we conduct business and are possibly interested in seeking a board or chairmanship position. Attendance is also considered a makeup.  


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary





Greetings Rotarians,



That said, we welcome into our club Chuck Cable. He is transferring his membership to us from the La Verne Rotary. Chuck is a Claremont resident is well known in our community. It's nice to have a good Rotarian join us. We all look forward to the good nature, professionalism and leadership he will bring to the club.


This is a busy week for Rotary. Mike O'Brien will be attending the President Elect Training Seminar in Los Angeles Thursday through Sunday. Kari Anderson will be attending RYLA as a Facilitator and Dave Seccombe as a Lab Director at the Astro Camp in Idyllwild Friday through Sunday. Wish them all luck and success in their efforts this weekend. May their experience be meaningful and serve them well.


There will be a Board of Directors meeting this Friday February 20th at my house. Attendance by non-board members is encouraged for those who wish to see how we conduct business and are possibly interested in seeking a board or chairmanship position. Attendance is also considered a makeup.  


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President





Greetings Rotarians,

Although our annual membership drive has yet to kick into gear, that shouldn't stop us from inviting a guest for fun and fellowship at Claremont Sunrise Rotary. Take a close look at friends, neighbors, business associates or new acquaintances. The world is full of potential good Rotarians. Talk to people about the club. Ask them if they would like a nice breakfast with good company and an interesting program. Let people know what good things we do for the community and the world. Challenge yourselves and make it your goal to sponsor a new Rotarian soon.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary


President's Message




Greetings Rotarians,

As we usher in February and look ahead, it appears we have a busy calendar ahead. This Saturday, the District is holding a Board of Directors Training Seminar at Etiwanda Gardens from 9am to noon. Next, RYLA and PETS will be held from the 19th to the 22nd this month. February is also Rotary International World Understanding and Peace Month. District 5300 is hosting our 14th Annual Rotary International Peace Conference on Saturday, March 21, 2009, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Richard Nixon Birthplace in Yorba Linda. The Annual District Conference will be held May 28 - 31, 2009 in Palm Desert. The deadline for early registration discounts for the District Conference is March 1, 2009.


We also have some Club events coming up.  Don't forget to mark your calendars to attend the Ontario Reign game on March 18th at 7pm. There is a fifth Wednesday in April, so think party. At some point in the next few months we plan to have our Hangout at the Hangar event where we plan to kick off our drive for the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot.


For those of you who would like more involvement in Rotary, the opportunities abound before you. Now is also the best time to introduce someone new to Rotary. After seeing what a great organization we belong to and how much it has to offer we may sign up another good Rotarian, just like you.


Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary



President's Message



Greetings Rotarians,

Once again, I want you all to know that Claremont Sunrise Rotary is a great club. The quality of our members makes us great. We are known as the fun club for a reason. We can all be proud of what we have and what we do.

There is no better way to show our pride and show off our club than to ask someone to join us for breakfast. After a few visits, your guests may decide that our club is what they are looking for. Our club provides many opportunities to express our altruism. We do this through compassion, generosity and hard work. As a benefit, we enjoy social networking and have a lot of fun.

We need new members to keep our club healthy. Friends and business acquaintances are often overlooked as good potential members. They too can be part of this great club.

Yours in Rotary,


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary




President's Message 



Greetings Rotarians,

This message is being written during a historic moment. The inauguration of our 44th President of the United States is blaring in the background. My daughter is on the National Mall giving me updates as things transpire. Being part of this history is meaningful in so many ways. My pride in our nation has never been higher.

I just returned from the Rotary International District 5300 President's Advance held at the Desert Springs Marriott Resort, and I am motivated. We are part of a district that can only be described as incredible. Our club is one of some very outstanding clubs in our district. Your participation, efforts and enthusiasm has pushed our club toward the top ranks of clubs in Rotary. Your combined efforts help many people in so many ways. Your selfless willingness to open your hearts, open your wallets and then dig in, work hard and get dirty just to make our world a better place overwhelms me. It is people like you that inspire me.

Thank you.


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary


President's Message


Greetings Rotarians,

Welcome back! I hope your holidays went well for you and your families. Our club experienced a fantastic first half of its fiscal year. We have had some great meetings, a hugely successful fundraiser, some wonderful social events topped off with one of our best attended Christmas parties ever. Since we are on a roll, we must now look at our other goals for the remaining Rotary year. Let's start with a membership drive.

The bylaws of Rotary clearly outline the procedure for a prospective member to be proposed for Rotary club membership.  The "proposer" is the key person in the growth and advancement of Rotary Without a sponsor, an individual will never have the opportunity to become a Rotarian.

The task of the proposer should not end merely by submitting a name to the club secretary or membership committee.  Rotary has not established formal responsibilities for proposers or sponsors, however, by custom and tradition these procedures are recommended in many clubs.  The sponsor should:

1.                   Invite a prospective member to several meetings prior to proposing the individual for membership.

2.                   Accompany the prospective new member to one or more orientation/informational meetings.

3.                   Introduce the new member to other club members each week for the first month.

4.                   Invite the new member to accompany the sponsor to neighboring clubs for the first make-up meeting to learn the process and observe the spirit of fellowship.

5.                   Ask the new member and spouse to accompany the sponsor to the club's social activities, dinners or other special occasions.

6.                   Urge the new member and spouse to attend the district conference with the sponsor.

7.                   Serve as a special friend to assure that the new member becomes an active Rotarian.

When the proposer follows these guidelines, Rotary becomes stronger with each new member.

I am seeking ideas for a membership drive that is fun and true to Claremont Sunrise Rotary's tradition. Feel free to make suggestions and volunteer your skills at bringing in guests that are good potential Rotarians.


Happy New Year!


Daniel Kentner, President

Claremont Sunrise Rotary